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Hello and welcome to my first blog! I am 29 years old and a self published author. I created Andy the Spider when I was 8 years old. I decided to bring him back a few years ago while I was sitting at home one night, starring at the computer. I hadn't written in a while and that's when I remembered about Andy. The first book took me 2 years to write. It came out in July 2010. The second book came out in October and the third one came out in July 2011. This will be a 5 book series. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and my experience with my dream in making these books a success. I am also a proud mommy to my 4 year old girl, Kaylee. Kaylee is my #1 fan! She loves Andy the Spider! Also, on my spare time I am an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The littlest things make me happy

About three weeks ago, I posted a flier with tear tabs advertising my book at the local pizzeria by my house. When I noticed no one was tearing off tabs, I tore off one to make it look like it caught someone's attention. I went there a week after and noticed someone tore off a tab! You couldn't imagine how excited I was! Well, I went back today to pick up some food and don't you know it, another tab was pulled off! Now, I haven't gotten sales yet, but I am happy to see that people found my flier interesting! Above is a picture of my flier. Now it's time to hang up some more around town! :D


  1. I would be excited about this too :) I have written a children's book and my sister illustrated it. (she did more work than I did!) We are still working on getting it printed, and I know how great it would be to get some interest in it once we had. Congratulations on getting this far!

  2. Thank you! Try createspace.com! That's where I go for my self publishing! They are fast with shipping and print your books fast! I love them!